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Frekvence slovíček 17. lekce v Magické angličtině Extra

Frekvence slovíček 17. lekce v Magické angličtině Extra

Frekvence slovíček 17. lekce v Magické angličtině Extra Taky Vás napadalo uklízet, když jste se měli učit? S MAE lenost zmizí

How to overcome laziness

Sherilyn overcame her laziness
in a very unusual way.
When she was to learn,
she often wanted to do something else.
She often put things off.
When she was to learn French,
suddenly it occurred to her
that she could go and clean .
She cleaned up her room.
She arranged dishes in the kitchen.
She put the things back on the shelves.
She loaded the dishwasher.
She folded the laundry.
She dusted.
She took out the vacuum cleaner
and began vacuuming.
She remembered that she wanted
to find headphones for her MP3 player
so that she could listen to music.
But the headphones
were nowhere to be found.
So she walked around the apartment.
She looked wherever she could.
She searched even in impossible places.
She looked into the fridge
if she hadn't put it there absentmindedly,
when she wanted to take yogurt.
She rearranged the books on the shelves.
Suddenly she came across
an interesting book.
How to make your dreams come true.
She started reading.
The book captivated her.
She went to make herself a cup of tea.

She sat down in the armchair
and continued reading the book.
Suddenly the phone rang.
Sherilyn went to answer it
and almost tripped over the vacuum cleaner
in the middle of the room.
Her friend called.
Would you like to go to the movies, she asked.
To the movies? And what are they playing?
They're playing an interesting film.
It's a blockbuster now.
It stars the …

Well, the well known actor who starred in …
you know what.
We spoke about him the other day.
I don't have a clue.
It doesn't matter, I will join you.
Sherilyn goes to her room to change.
She sees the vacuum cleaner again and
suddenly it occurs to her
that she hasn't studied again.
I will catch up on it tomorrow.
I will study twice as long.

It is only half an hour.
Next day Sherilyn forces herself to study.
She looks at her watch.
It occurs to her that
she should do her fingernails.
It'll take only a minute.
She is waving her hands to dry up
the nail polish.
She should have studied for 10 minutes already.
She could have something to eat.
She puts the kettle on.
Three minutes later the kettle is boiling.

Sherilyn pours tea into
her favorite cup.
I will have something to eat.
She searches the fridge and the pantry.
She finds some biscuits.
She goes and sits down at the table.
There are some magazines on the table.
It used to be like this
when you forced yourself to go and do something
with the words „I have to“.
For some time you could learn.
But then one starts looking at the watch.

He said to himself:
„When will I finally have free time?“
He had other ideas in his head.
These ideas didn't have anything to do
with the activity he was doing.
For Sherilyn this time is over.
She knows the secret.
At first the secret used to spread slowly.
Sherilyn overcame her laziness
in a very unusual way.
Instead of thinking
„I have to“ she started thinking „I want to.“
She has learned how to self-motivate herself.
She has learned about it
from one hypnotherapist.
He says he doesn't believe in laziness.
He says those who seem to be lazy
follow in fact only stronger motives.
If motivation for something new
is not strong enough, then it is necessary
to strengthen it every day.
In hypnosis, he helped her
create an attractive picture
of reaching the goal,
which is continuously
before her inner mind.
This attracts her enormously.
Even several times a day
she enters into the vision and experiences
everything this goal brings her.
How self-confident she feels,
when she realizes
all the things that this enables her to do.
How her career can benefit from it?
How important is it for her private life?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

*SPP* = Super Paměťová Podpora - zabezpečuje, že namísto dřívějšího nepromyšleného opakování, je v MAE připraveno pro maximální rychlost, pohodlí a zapamatování.

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