14. lekce angličtina MAE: Věštění - co vás čeká a nemine

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Angličtina - frekvence slovíček 14. lekce Magická angličtina Extra

Angličtina - frekvence slovíček 14. lekce Magická angličtina Extra

Angličtina - frekvence slovíček 14. lekce Magická angličtina Extra Věštění - co procestujete a uvidíte

14. lekce Magická angličtina Extra: Věštění co vás čeká a nemine

Act 14 - Text pro procvičení až při druhém setkání s lekcí při opakování po měsíční pauze.

Doplňte chybějící samohlásky a pak si ověřte správnost dle knihy MAE.

What awaits you and can't be changed

G_ve me your left h_nd.
He grabs her wr_st.
He looks into the p_lm and says:
You h_ve f_und
it unwise to be too frank
in revealing yourself to all people.
You have a tendency
to be critical of yours_lf.
You have a great deal of unused capacity,
which you have not turn_d
into your advant_ge.
You have a great ne_d for other people
to like and adore you.
although you have some
personality we_knesses,
you are generally able
to compensate for them.
at times you are an extrovert,
k_nd and sociable,
while at other times you are
an introvert, susp_cious, reserved.

Do you bel_eve in my abilities?
Young Lady:
excellent. I am c_nvinced of them.
C_n you keep a secret?
Young Lady:
Your secret is safe with us.
I'll t_ll you a really great secret.
a carefully guarded secret.
People don't kn_w h_w the appropriately
chosen words c_n rec_ll an image
that the lines on the hand or in cards or
in a numerological grid hide their fate.
act_ally many of those
fortunetellers do not know this.

They have memorized it from books or they
h_ve t_ken the words from their teacher.
it is so suggestive that the fortunetellers
as well as their clients have succ_mbed to it.

Such a prediction actually
catches just about everyone's att_ntion.
everyone is sometimes
grac_ous and other times ca_tious.
everyone yearns at le_st a bit to be adored.
Correctly selected words can infl_ence.

But if you want to hear
a prediction of your future,
then you have here a renowned fortuneteller.
Fortuneteller Edward Teller is in the c_llar.

Do you w_nt to kn_w
what will happen in the near future?
Your lives are linked,
and my prediction then will be for all.
in your life there will be periods, which
you will think back on in amazement.
I know that you will also rem_mber
what I am about to say.
The re_son is that it will happen.
This prediction will be qu_te specific.
in a matter of f_w days you'll see
more of the world th_n others
will in many years.
Soon you'll get to know more
than others g_t to kn_w in a lifetime.
You'll look
from the height of the Stratosphere.
You'll see the symbols of Egypt,
the united States, France and also Italy.
in walking thro_gh the hall full of wealth,
you'll have angels fly above your h_ad.

I see a man dr_ssed in
a T-shirt with black and white stripes.
I see a narrow boat.
I can hear him singing
“O Sole mio” close to you.
You'll stroke the large head of the king
of b_asts and see white tig_rs.
a little while later you'll meet
a French policeman next to the Eiffel T_wer.

You will th_nk abo_t, what
an interesting view of the c_ty would it be
to look from the restaurant on the 11th flo_r.
Furthermore, only a few dozen steps from
the Statue of Liberty, you'll be able to
ride d_wn head first over dozens of players.
along with other people you will
st_nd in fr_nt of an erupting volcano.
You'll admire jumping dolphins.
You'll w_lk on the Red Square.

You'll meet the famous,
living and dead.
as if in a dream you will
walk through the centuries.
But it will not be a dream.
You'll also see Asian dragons and
you'll ride the slant elev_tor
in a pyramid to the tomb of King Tut.
The stare of the gre_n ey_s of the Sphinx
will reflect in the lake and brings it to a boil.

Name of the fam_us sword and the festive
trumpet will invite you to a tournament.
Will you admire
h_rses or their riders r_nning
against each other on the castle's courtyard?
und_r the wat_r face to face
you'll encounter dangerous sharks.
However, no one will get hurt.
This and much more will happen.
Young Lady:
Well, this I really c_n't b_lieve.
This c_nnot h_ppen.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
WILL 18 x 6,
HAVE 11 x 6,
KNOW 6 x 6,
SEE 6 x 6,
CAN 5 x 6,

*Super paměťová podpora + frekvence výskytu sloves a gramatických jevů

"lekci". Tento systém zabezpečuje, že nemusíte sami zdlouhavě vyhledávat

opakování, vše je připraveno pro maximální rychlost, pohodlí a zapamatování

v "RichKAV" paměťových vazbách.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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