13. lekce angličtina MAE: Tajemství za zdmi Magického zámku

od Libor Činka

13. lekce Magická angličtina Extra

Tajemství za zdmi Magického zámku

Níže následuje text lekce, kterou už byste měli znát. Čtěte si jí v této úpravě, kde chybí překlad a všímejte si ČEMU ROZUMÍTE.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The guests of the magical duo New Absolon
sit with them in a restaurant by the table.
The restaurant, same as the Magic Castle,
is famous for being
a spot of culinary miracles.
The waiter comes in a tailcoat and
brings the menus.
At first he gives them
to the middle aged women.
Only then to younger women and Peter.

Monica sits on Peter's right hand side.
Opposite them three women.
Girl 1:
What shall we have for drink?
I will have some pineapple juice.
Girl 1:
And for us two glasses of red wine.
There is a champion
sitting at the table on the left.
He's a smart fellow.
He's wearing a tuxedo.
He's dressed in black.
Black as the ace of spades.

Among certain people
he is a living legend.
He can do the impossible.
His motto is:
Never put off till tomorrow
what you can do today.
He is a women's sweetheart.
He can dance and also tap-dance.
He can play board games:
chess, Blackjack, roulette.

He can play table tennis, tennis and golf .
He can play the guitar, the violin
and especially the piano.
He likes to play Mozart.
He can shoot accurately.
He is able to hit the bull's-eye
from a big distance.
He can drive very fast.
He likes hang-gliding,
he can fly a plane and parachute jump.
He is able to climb mountains
as well as glass windows of skyscrapers.
He has learned all this
because he believes that you will achieve
anything you put your mind to.
He has done a lot of mistakes,
but he has learned from them.
He was inspired by many people.
At the beginning
a lot of people laughed at him.
The more there were,
the more motivated he was
to prove that they are mistaken.
They were wrong.
They got almost everything wrong.
There are only a few things that
he still does not understand.
They are accounting and taxation.
However, it doesn't bother him.
He has engraved into his memory
a few sentences:
Learn from your mistakes.
Learn from experience.

Learn from the masters.
Learn from the mistakes of others.
Learn something new every day.
You never fail if you learn from your mistakes.
You will be smart because you will
always learn something new every day.
You're never too old to learn a new trick.

He is a personality that never gives up.
00H can do more than you can imagine.
Nothing can stop him.
There's no limit to
what he can accomplish
when he puts his mind to it.
He is persistent.
He is ambitious.
He cultivates his Emotional intelligence.
He has high EQ.
He searches for inspiration
with the biggest experts.
He finds it with the best psychologists,
coaches, inventors, performers.
Just today he is going to see
one extraordinary performance.
We are in the Magic Castle.
Similarly like there is the Walk of Fame,
similarly there is the Hall of Fame here.
On the walls there are
paintings and posters of magicians.

You stand by the piano
the keys of which are moving
as if it was played by invisible hands.
You sit by the table and all of a sudden
your glass starts to move across the table.
It slides being moved by an invisible force.
If you are a member of the club,
then you can read magic books in the library.
What's even better
is to play a seminar from a DVD,
because texts can never explain as
quickly and intelligibly as an image.

Catalog offers various merchandise.
The instructions are
the most precious there is.
It is much easier to make
the props themselves on your own.
To master the procedure demands honesty.
Training in front of a mirror and a camera.
The sections inside offer
magic tricks with bank notes, coins,
cards, but also extensive stage illusions.
How to cut a woman with laser into 6 pieces.
How to escape from a locked trunk.
How to make money disappear.
How to foretell the future.
How to memorize a deck of cards
and to win in a casino.
That is what I need.

Mr. Card:
That's what I was looking for,
says Mr. Card to himself.
He is looking for
the advertised book on the shelves.
He sits back
into a comfortable leather armchair.
Turns on the lamp.
The light is shining
on the page with the explanation.
Mr. Card curiously devours the description.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
CAN - super paměťová podpora* 16 x 6
LEARN - SPP* 10 x 6
ARE - SPP* 8 x 6
HAVE - SPP* 7 x 6
PLAY - SPP* 6 x 6
SIT - SPP* 5 x 6

Konec výběru z SPP.

*Super paměťová podpora + frekvence výskytu sloves a gramatických jevů

"lekci". Tento systém zabezpečuje, že nemusíte sami zdlouhavě vyhledávat

opakování, vše je připraveno pro maximální rychlost, pohodlí a zapamatování

v "RichKAV" paměťových vazbách.
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